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Wedding Venues in Connecticut

"Where can we have a beach wedding in Connecticut?"

Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford, Connecticut is an outstanding place for a beach wedding.

The boardwalk and wooden platform enable easy access for you and your guests. A happy couple strolls along the beach after eloping at Harkness Memorial State Park. The Amphitheater at Harkness Park enables your guests to sit comfortably at your summer wedding. Sunsets are a popular time to get married at Harkness Park.

Backgrounds for your beach wedding can include the water of Long Island Sound, the beach and shoreline, or the sunset.

There is a boardwalk which leads to a wooden platform so that you can have a nice background for your wedding photos. If you have any guests that are mobility-impaired, they will have no trouble.

If you would like to get married barefoot in the sand, Harkness is just the place for you!

The Harkness Amphitheater has plenty of room for your guests to sit, and they will have a nice view of you with the water in the background.

Are you thinking of a sunset wedding? There's nothing more romantic than watching the sun set over the water as the waves wash along the shoreline.

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The gardens and pergola at Harkness State Park are lovely for spring, summer, and fall weddings.

Wisteria on the Pergola at Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford, CT The Pergola at Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford, CT A spring field at Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford, CT The East Garden at Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford, CT

Is a flower garden wedding more your style?

You can get married amid the flowers in any one of the several gardens at Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford, Connecticut. Depend on what month you'd like to get married at Harkness Park, different kinds of flowers will be blooming to make a nice background for your wedding pictures.

There is frequently a gentle breeze blowing at Harkness Park, keeping the sun from getting too warm.

Thinking of eloping?

You can elope at Harkness Park! The Waterford Town Hall is just a couple of miles away, making it easy to get your marriage license and get married the same day. Eloping couldn't be easier!

To get married in Harkness Memorial State Park, you'll get your marriage license at the Town Clerk's Office in the Waterford Town Hall, 15 Rope Ferry Rd., Waterford, CT 06385.

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At Mystic Aquarium, in Mystic, Connecticut, you can get married with Juno the Beluga whale as a witness!

Juno the Wedding Whale loves brides!

The Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration is immediately off of I-95 Exit 90, very easy for your guests to find.

A Mystic Aquarium wedding is almost a beach wedding because you'll be surrounded by lots of ocean water and sea creatures. It's a whale wedding!

Mystic Aquarium is located within an easy walking distance of hotels, restaurants, and shopping. You and your guests can enjoy your destination wedding and a mini-vacation.

Your wedding at Mystic Aquarium will be extra special because your guests will enjoy watching Juno before and after your aquarium wedding. Will children be attending your wedding? They'll be quiet and well-behaved as they admire the Belugas, fish, birds, and mammals.

Please call me at 860-543-2334 for help planning your Mystic Aquarium wedding.

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Devil's Hopyard in East Haddam, Connecticut – Perfect for a waterfall wedding!

Just married in front of the waterfall at Devil's Hopyard State Park in East Haddam, CT. Would you like a covered bridge wedding at Devil's Hopyard State Park in East Haddam, CT? Would you like your waterside wedding by a stream in Devil's Hopyard State Park in East Haddam, CT?

Devil's Hopyard in East Haddam, Connecticut offers you options: Your wedding by a waterfall, on a covered bridge, or by a stream.

Chapman Falls, which some people call "Devil's Hopyard Falls", is 60 feet high. It provides a great natural backdrop for your wedding photos.

The covered bridge in Devil's Hopyard can provide a romantic, rustic look for your Connecticut State Park wedding.

In the leafy green of spring or summer, your wedding by the Eightmile River would be cool and refreshing. In the fall the foliage colors are spectacular!

To get married at Devil's Hopyard you would get your marriage license from the East Haddam Town Clerk's Office at the East Haddam Town Hall, 7 Main St., East Haddam, CT 06423.

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Gillette Castle weddings belong on any list of favorite Connecticut wedding locations.

Have your eastle wedding on the terrace of Gillette Castle. Crossing the bridge symbolizes your entry into marriage at Gillette Castle. Blooming water lilies enhance your wedding at Gillette Castle.

You can get married on the terrace of Gillette Castle, on the bridge near the lily pond, or anywhere else on the grounds.

The terrace of Gillette Castle overlooks the Connecticut River. The magnificent stone Castle is a beautiful backdrop for your wedding pictures, too.

Bridges are wonderfully symbolic of your transition from being single to being a married couple. In season, which is most of the late spring and summer, the water lilies delicate blooms are a delight for all ages. There are picnic tables near the lily pond if you'd like a picnic wedding reception.

There's one odd feature about Gillette Castle State Park: The lily pond is in East Haddam, Connecticut, while the Castle itself is in Lyme, Connecticut. Where you get your Gillette Castle wedding license will depend on whether you get married at the Castle or by the lily pond. Please feel free to call 860-543-2334 for help!.

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Mohegan Park in Norwich, Connecticut has a gazebo, a great fountain, a pond, and two pavilions.

Mohegan Park wedding gazebo. Mohegan Park Fountain. Mohegan Park pond-side Pavilion. Mohegan Park Group Pavilion.

Looking for a wedding gazebo? Please consider the Mohegan Park gazebo by Spaulding Pond, near Mohegan Park Fountain.

Would you like a gazebo wedding? The Mohegan Park gazebo will hold your wedding party and a few guests comfortably. Or your guests can share your joy by watching and hearing from the steps and Mohegan Park Center. The gazebo is perfect for eloping and having great wedding photos!

The Mohegan Park Fountain is a great background for wedding pictures. The fountain is located in the large paved portion of Mohegan Park Center, giving you and your guests lots of room.

One of the two pavilions is beside Spaulding Pond, and the other pavilion is beside a large field. You can either cook or have your reception catered at the pavilion beside Spaulding Pond, then have your reception either inside or outside on the deck. At the Group Pavilion (also known as the Field Pavilion) , there is a large field suitable for a large wedding celebration and reception. If you'd like to have your guests play field games at your reception, the Group Pavilion is for you. Both pavilions are available for rent.

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The Mohegan Park Rose Garden is also in Norwich, Connecticut.

Mohegan Park Rose Garden entrance. Mohegan Park Rose Garden rose-covered arches with wedding gazebo in background. Mohegan Park Rose Garden Gazebo with sundial.

Now that the Mohegan Park Rose Garden is surrounded by a deer-proof fence, the roses look much better and grow well.

There are rose-covered arches that make picture-perfect aisles for a wedding procession. You and your guests will want to take lots of wedding photos!

At the northern edge of the Rose Garden there is a gazebo very suitable for your wedding ceremony. The sundial in front of the gazebo provides a table-like surface, a great place for a sand ceremony or other wedding unity ceremony.

Your guests will have plenty of space in the Rose Garden to see and hear your wedding celebration. The only downside to the Rose Garden is the limited parking. Carpooling is strongly encouraged.

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Whether you would like your wedding at a Connecticut State Park, on a beach, or anywhere else, we are here to help you! You can reach Pastor Ernest at 860-543-2334.

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