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Serving God by serving all of God's creation.

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Serving our fellow humans

Simple daily serving

Each of us serves our friends, neighbors, and strangers in various ways. Even just holding the door for the next person is serving God by serving that person. Each day can bring us opportunities to serve, if we just watch for them.

Names in the following accounts of real events have been changed to preserve anonymity.

Paying it forward

Because "Pam" is a regular customer, she had received an email coupon from a mid-range restaurant (not fast food, not fine dining) and decided that she'd redeem the coupon.

After the gentleman ahead of Pam in line paid for his family's order with a gift card, there was a small balance on the gift card. He asked the cashier to pass the card along to the next person in line.

Pam used her email coupon, and asked the cashier to pass the gift card on to the next person in line.

The lady behind Pam in line also had a coupon, so she asked the cashier to pass along the gift card to the family following her.

Helping the person changing a flat tire on a busy road in the dark

On a chilly, rainy night in November, "Morgan", one of our senior citizens, decided on a whim to go towards Groton on Route 12 instead of heading towards Norwich. As he was driving, he noticed a car parked on the right edge of the road near the Ledyard / Groton line. The car had no lights on and the trunk was open. A man could barely be seen changing the passenger's side rear tire.

Morgan turned on his four-way flashers, pulled to the far right side of Route 12, and turned on his bright headlights. (The bright lights were not in the eyes of the drivers coming in the other direction because the car with the flat tire was blocking the beams.) The person changing the tire could then see what he was doing clearly. Drivers approaching could clearly see the stopped cars.

It was obvious that the man didn't need physical help with the tire, so Morgan stayed in his car. The man finished changing the tire and thanked Morgan. Morgan gave the man paper towels to clean his hands. Morgan had seen a person in an unsafe situation, helped as needed, then went above and beyond.