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Do you want to change your name after you get married?

"How do I change my name in Connecticut? I just got married."

"What does it cost to change my last name when I get married in Connecticut?"

Please see the Disclaimer. The following must not be regarded as legal advice.

In Connecticut changing your name through marriage is easy: You just begin using your new name.

There is no cost to change your last name after you get married if you are from Connecticut. Please check with your local Town Clerk or an attorney authorized to practice law in your home state if you are not from Connecticut. Nothing here is legal advice!

You may be asked for proof that you are legally married. If you got married in Connecticut, a certified copy of your marriage license is the best proof that you can get.

Beware of commercial websites that want to charge you money to "help" you with a "name-change package." Changing your own name is not difficult, it just requires a little patience!

Some important places to change your last name:

Your Social Security Card
The Social Security Administration is the single most important place to change your name when you get married.
You will not be issued a different Social Security Number, just a new card.
Your driver's license or state-issued photo identification
Remember to change your vehicle registration and vehicle title(s) as well.
You will need photo identification in your married name for many things, including having your signature notarized. Connecticut Notaries Public cannot legally accept your old photo identification plus a certified copy of your marriage license as proof of your new name!
Your Passport
You will need a passport for any travel outside the United States, even just to Canada or Mexico.
Please visit WWW.Travel.State.Gov and go to the Passports area.
Be prepared for your passport name change to take more time than you'd like.
If you are going outside the United States immediately after your wedding, make all of your travel plans under your existing name. You will not be allowed to travel if the name on all of your tickets do not match your name on your passport. This is a good reason to delay a name change after marriage.
Special note about honeymoon cruises: Some honeymoon packages require proof that you are legally married. If you will be leaving before you could get a certified copy of your marriage license, just ask me to provide a sworn statement that you are legally married. It will be my pleasure to help you!
Your Employer
Some people prefer to maintain their existing professionally and use their married name socially. That is perfectly OK.
Your Insurance Documents
Please remember your health insurance, life insurance (you may also want to change your beneficiary), vehicle insurance, and homeowners (or renters) insurance.
All of Your Financial Institutions
Your banks, mortgage holders, investment bankers, IRAs, and stocks need to be informed of your new last name.
Your Credit and Debit Card Companies
You will need to give them a new sample signature, too.
Your Utility Companies
It's easy to forget places such as your water company!
Your Voter Registration
Voting is important; maintain your right to vote.

This is by no means a complete list of the places where you should change your name after you get married.

Please think about notifying all of the places that you pay each month (with the exception of restaurants, et cetera).

If you need other suggestions, you can reach Pastor Ernest at 860-543-2334.

Disclaimer: None of the above is to be considered legal advice. Please see an attorney authorized to practice law in your home state.

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