The Green Chapel

Serving God by serving all of God's creation.

Our Mission Statement:

We encourage communication, mutual support, and education.

Clear communication is the basis of any successful venture, whether secular or sacred.

By communicating our beliefs, ideals, and expectations clearly we help other people understand who we are.

We avoid misunderstandings by telling people what we offer and what we expect. This is the single best way we have found to avoid arguments

Mutual support includes our neighbors as well as each other.

One way that we support our neighbors is by buying goods and services locally.

As much as possible, we buy Fair Trade products.

We support our communities by paying our taxes and voting. (The Green Chapel, as a whole, has absolutely no political opinions! Individuals are strongly discouraged from stating political opinions at meetings. Political arguments will not be tolerated.)

Education takes many forms, and is a life-long process.

We encourage everyone to read, both for enjoyment and for self-improvement. Public libraries are a rich resource.

We have no list of banned books, nor required reading.

Adults are encouraged to read aloud age-appropriate books to their children so that they grow up with a love of reading.

Parents are encouraged to know what is going on in their public and private schools.

If people have concerns about their children's education, they are expected to talk with the appropriate authorities.

Towns' and cities' Adult Education classes and senior centers provide courses that many people can take, usually at low cost.

We build awareness of the needs of God's creatures, human and otherwise.

We strongly encourage anyone who witnesses elder abuse to report it immediately.

We support local homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and other places that help people in need. We volunteer our time as well as helping financially.

One-on-one interaction is encouraged. Even the simple act of acknowledging another human being's existence may open a dialog.

We give food and other donations to local food pantries.

We support the work of the Humane Society.

We help local groups that protect and serve animals.

We highlight the efforts of all people of faith.

When we hear of a person or organization helping our communities we spread the news.

We do our best to inspire people to join in serving God.

We speak up when we learn of people who are willing to volunteer.

We stress that no religious belief is required to help people, animals, plants, the environment, or any other part of the world.